The ZEITGUYS Philosophy

Our services


When it comes to investing in a new country it is of utmost importance to deal with a counterparty that has the respective network, contacts, and a longstanding track record. Our ZEITGUYS team of experienced professionals is here for you to become your trusted partner during and after the process by offering you unique services in a package!

Within our innovative ZEITGUYS package, we follow a holistic approach that includes a dedicated contact person that will take you on the journey to your Golden Visa and guide you through all the administrative tasks along the way and also cater to your personal needs. 

Transparency is key

We know that there are many unserious solicitors out there that are trying to sell you overpriced real estate in undesirable locations, where you will only lose on your investment in the long term and further will not receive the services and care that you need for a successful application.
ZEITGUYS decided to do things in the most transparent way, allowing you to profit most from your investment by clearly knowing what to expect when you invest with us.

By the introduction of our deductible upfront ZEITGUYS mandate fee that covers all our services, we are convinced to offer a valuable solution for you!    

The ZEITGUYS package - what's included?


Naturally, we will make sure that your visa application(s) get filed as soon as you found your desired real estate investment in order for you to benefit from a Schengen Visa from the start.


We are always updating our portfolio with prime real estate that gets carefully selected. Our main criteria considered are location, quality & finished, and future potential. All properties shown are meeting the governmental requirements for a Golden Visa application. Further, we believe that over the course of your residency, the value of your property will increase, allowing you to sell your property with a property.


Questions? Urgent request? Feel free to contact you dedicated ZEITGUYS contact throughout the whole application process – we care about the personal touch and believe you will sleep better when you know you are in good hands.

Getting started

Bank account, Insurance, Internet, etc.--- the list is long of necessities and errands that we want to help you with in order to make sure that you are all set for your Portuguese dream!
We are also happy to organize your pickup and accommodation for your annual stay – we know all the nice places that are worth a visit. 

property management

We have various options on lease-back or rental properties (in Portuguese: Alojamento local) for tourism in our offering. With many years of experience in the hospitality sector (especially in Lisbon), we can ensure that your property returns get maxed thanks to our smart and affordable property management offer.


Anything else we missed? Want to commission a special piece of Art or furniture? Looking for a boat or classic car? In need for doctor or finance specialist? – We have the network and contacts to enable your desires.

 & What are the fees? 

Government Application Fee

According to the official fee schedule:

• Order submission:
€ 533.90

• Issuance of residence permit (for each applicant):
€ 5’336.40

• Renewal of residence permit (for each applicant):
€ 2’668.20

Lawyer Fees

Our competitive lawyer fee is an All-in fee that includes the complete VISA application and accompanyship for 5 years. From organizing the NIF, a bank account, or completing forms and conducting the due diligence you can rest assured that your application will be treated with the utmost care and efficiency.

• For the main holder:
€ 5’500

• For each additional family member:
€ 2’750

Kindly note that the fee does not include the translation or certification of international documents!




For each mandate, ZEITGUYS charges a deductible upfront deposit of € 20’000.

upfront deposit will later be credited back to you after you acquired your ZEITGUYS property* and started the visa application process.

*ZEITGUYS properties qualifying for deduction are marked in the LISTINGS section