Why Portugal?

Portugal – the land of good food and dreamy beaches –that’s what usually comes to one’s mind when thinking about the small country settled in the west of the Iberian Peninsula. However, there is so much more to discover about Portugal!


Being part of the European Union since 1986 Portugal’s stable democracy and political stability creates the perfect conditions for a thriving economy.

With Portugal sharing the same time zone as the UK & Lisbon International Airport serving as a gateway to major destinations in North & South America and Africa, Lisbon’s Metropolitan area has become an attractive business hub for international corporations and tech startups.

Skyline at Night
Startup Hotspots

Ranked as one of the European innovation hotspots and startup hubs to watch, and often referenced as Europe’s San Francisco, the city of seven hills has a lot to offer to the startup community.

Higher Education

Portugal offers access to 13 public Universities with an excellent reputation and global recognition.


With a small population of about 10 million people, Portugal's healthcare system is ranked 9th best in Europe and 12th in the world. The Portuguese, who are among the world’s healthiest people, have one of the highest life expetancies in the European Union.

“To summarize all, Portugal is not only an ideal location for investments but also a great place to live and enjoy. Stable, sunny, with unique nature, rich leisure, and cultural amenities - let ZEITGUYS introduce you to the country of your dreams!”