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Thomas Gerer

With over 35 years of global experience in the real estate and hospitality sector, Thomas Gerer has the eye to spot the perfect real estate asset offering capital appreciation over the years. Developing projects in Portugal since the late 1980ies he has an extensive network of contacts that help facilitate the realization of your dream of a Golden Visa.

Alexander Gerer

Business Economist, University of Buckingham, United Kingdom 

Alexander Gerer successfully accompanied numerous families in the past 5 years, becoming their trusted partner during the visa application process and thereafter. Thanks to his background in the hospitality sector he is an expert when renting out your property - optimizing your yield and return on investment. 


(+351)  913. 292. 873

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Moritz Ronneberger

Business Law Jurist, University of Applied Sciences Zurich, Switzerland

Before joining the team, Moritz Ronneberger was advising Ultra High Net Worth Individuals from the Middle East and Southern Africa during 7 years in Zurich, Switzerland. Seamless execution and client satisfaction whilst adhering highest efficiency is his key philosophy when it comes to advising clients and helping them reach their goals


(+351) 911. 581.374

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Dr. Marco Goulart

Lawyer, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil

With over 24 years of Experience in Portugal and Brazil, Dr. Marco Goulart specialized in Portuguese immigration, companies, and real estate law. Assisting families in obtaining their Portuguese Golden Visa since 2012, Dr. Goulart and his team will accompany you through the full visa process during 5 years to reach the ultimate goal of becoming a permanent resident or a Portuguese citizen.

INSCRITO Cédula Profissional: 58317L

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